Neil Halttunen

Julio "Mingo" Vidrio

Neil is an Oregon Criminal Defense Attorney and former certified Drug Recognition Expert who has experience teaching other attorneys how to tackle both alcohol and drug DUII cases. Neil has extensive experience training police recruits in law enforcement protocols including impaired  driving procedures. Neil's experience also includes teaching others about impairment related to drugs. 

Julio is an Oregon criminal defense attorney with extensive trial experience. Julio is an adjunct professor of American Constitutional Law, American Jurisprudence, and Legal Reasoning and Writing at Western Oregon University.  Prior to law school, Julio worked as a police officer, Drug Recognition Expert, and Standardized Field Sobriety Test Instructor.

Julio was recently a guest speaker at the Oregon Criminal Defense Lawyer's Association 2020 DUII Conference speaking on crossing the DRE.


We are both former police officers and Drug Recognition Experts (DRE). We have both been trained in the law and in trial skills. After the legalization of Cannabis in Oregon, we saw a spike in impaired driving cases that we believe were not supported by the  DRE's own evaluation. We confirmed through networking that this spike is not unique to our office and verified this is a statewide trend. We resolved to create a training program in order to share our collective years of experience with others and to provide useful tools that course participants can leave with and immediately put to use in their practice.  We enjoy sharing our experience with others for the greater good.