• You'll receive an overview and explanation of the Drug Recognition Expert Program including terms and the 7 drug categories.

  • We'll point out the weaknesses in the 12-step protocol by walking through each step explaining the significance of each step while providing sample cross questions that are based on authority so the DRE has to agree with your narrative.

  • We'll provide you with important impeachment materials, explaining the significance of those materials, and how to use them so you look like you are an expert in the protocol.

  • You'll receive prepping and organizational tools for your Cross-examination of the DRE and how to incorporate impeachment authority into the cross so you maintain control.

  • There will be a live Field Sobriety Test demonstration and explanation of what a defense attorney should be looking for to demonstrate to the jury that the tests were not administered in a reliable manner.

  • You'll receive a Case Study in Poly-Drug use and workshop style practical exercises.

  • We'll debunk the “link” between Cannabis and impairment and overview of crash risk of drugs generally.

  • We provide an Introduction to Advanced Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement. (ARIDE)

  • Course materials include cross exam templates for both drug and alcohol impaired driving cases, DWI and DRE Manual, a list of helpful quotes from those manuals, the three studies underlying the DRE program, motion to exclude HGN template, motion for independent testing template, and impeachment materials. 

  • We continually update our course as the law and science change.


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