"Neil has helped me prepare for trial. In one particular case, there was a lot of bad facts for my client. Neil helped me wade through those facts and explained how the DRE opinion was in fact not supported by the evaluation despite the initial appearance. He helped me organize for trial and showed how to use authority to undermine the DRE opinion with favorable results for my client."  

- Ellen Yeoman, Criminal Defense Attorney



We provide pre-trial expert services to defense and civil litigation attorneys in the area of the drug recognition expert reports, opinions, and trial preparation. Your materials will be reviewed by one of both of us. We are both former DREs who have switched to defense so we know the DRE protocol and we know what it takes for an attorney to take a DRE case to trial. We review your discovery including the arresting officers report, the DRE report, and any video associated with the reports. We can prepare a report detailing the strengths and weaknesses of your case that addresses the drug evaluation as well as trial issues.  


We offer our service in tiers that allows attorneys to choose which level of service suits their needs. Our rate is $150 per hour and we are approved by OPDS. 


Tier 1


  • Thorough review and analysis of all discovery provided to us

  • Review includes comparing the content of the reports with authority to determine whether the arresting officer and/or DRE complied with their training, department policy, and applicable statutes and administrative rules

  • Opinion as to whether the drug evaluation is supported by the evidence

  • Determine whether materials are missing from discovery and make a recommendation for additional discovery request

  • Review provided to the attorney via telephone call and no written documents will be provided

  • This tier would typically require 3-6 hours


Tier 2


  • The above review will be provided to the attorney via written report that analyzes the police investigation from beginning to end and concludes with an opinion as to whether the drug evaluation supports the drug recognition expert’s opinion

  • The report provided will cite authority from the officer’s training manual, treatises, NHTSA publications, precedent, and relevant statues and administrative rules. The report will be provided in Word format so that the attorney can cut-and-paste the authority provided and use the report as a basis for trial preparation and/or cross examination

  • This tier would typically require 6-10 hours