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"This course is indispensable for an attorney to competently represent clients facing controlled substance DUIIs because it teaches what the drug recognition expert opinion means and what it does not mean. The instructors are both former drug recognition experts, with criminal defense experience, who teach how the prosecutor will attempt to convict your client. The course focuses on practical skills and teaches how to push back and undermine the drug recognition expert opinion. You leave the course with well-organized and useful materials."

- Jason Thompson,

Oregon Criminal Defense Attorney, Lifetime Member of the Oregon Criminal Defense Lawyer’s Association and the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, Member National College for DUI Defense, Inc.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we will be offering this CLE as a webinar.

We have also steeply discounted the cost because we recognize the financial burdens being experienced during this time and understand CLE credits are still required. 

Online via Zoom



 CLE Accreditation: 

  • Oregon State Bar - 9.75 credits

  • Washington State Bar - 10 credits

  • Idaho State Bar - 10.25 credits



We teach criminal defense attorneys the skills and provide the resources necessary to mount an effective attack against Drug Recognition Experts (DREs) at trial. The DRE opinion is supported by expert, scientific, and technical knowledge that prosecutors rely on at trial. This course will teach you how to use the DRE’s own training to weaken and perhaps dismantle the prosecution’s case. Our two-person team has nearly 30 years of law enforcement experience, over 12 years of DRE experience, and over 12 years of criminal defense experience. We will walk through the DRE’s training, show how to prepare for a trial using the DRE manual and peer-reviewed articles, and teach you to prepare a cross-examination that will undermine the DRE‘s direct testimony.

The DRE protocol is scientific evidence, and is technical in nature, so it can be difficult to defend against for those not versed in the protocol. The information surrounding the DRE protocol is voluminous and can be overwhelming when preparing for trial. We assist practicing defense attorneys by teaching them about the DRE program, how the protocol is supposed to work, and how to effectively defend against DRE evidence. We break the information down, summarize authority, and provide templates to assist you in preparing your own case.

We know that both time and money are important, so course materials include cross-exam templates that are keyed to the DWI and DRE Manuals for both drug and alcohol-impaired driving cases. Those cross-exam templates are provided in Word format so you can edit and put them to use immediately. Additionally, we provide a DWI and DRE Manual, a list of helpful quotes from those manuals, the three studies underlying the DRE program, motion to exclude HGN template, motion for an independent testing template, and impeachment materials.  You will leave this course with an organized electronic folder with all the materials you need for DUII trials. 


"This is the best CLE I have been to. Learned many valuable skills that will help me in my practice." 


- Rex White,

Oregon Criminal Defense Attorney 

This was the best CLE I have ever attended for two specific reasons: (1) It was done by former law enforcement. That makes a massive difference to us because you had first-person experience with everything you were talking about, and (2) it was purely practical. Everything was something we could use and employ in our practice. It wasn't some preachy new idea that some academically-minded person came up with, nor was it stuff that in the back of my mind made me think (yeah, that won't work). It was straight-forward, nuts and bolts information that everyone could use. The slides contained information that was useful, especially the sample cross-questions, cites to the manuals, and case cites. Everything you gave us was backed up. Instead of telling us there was stuff out there that would be useful and not giving cites, you offered cites and actual materials that backed up what you were saying. That made all the difference in the world. moreover, because you are former law enforcement, I felt I could ask questions that would actually be answered instead of brushed aside or answered with the standard "cop" response. Again - 100% valuable and worth every penny.

- Oregon Criminal Defense Attorney and October 2019 Participant 

"Highly recommend this CLE. Completely changed the way I read DRE DUII reports. Outlines an effective and organized way to attack the DRE and toxicology reports. Great tips and tricks from DRE officers turned defense attorneys as well as some valuable information from a forensic scientist. Thank you!" 


- Tatiana Gamache,

Oregon Criminal Defense Attorney

As a practicing Defense attorney, who handles and tries DUIIs on a regular basis, I found this course extremely helpful. DREs are a common tool used in my cases and this course gave me a better understanding of the DRE method as a whole, as well as how to question the tactics used in DUII cases. This course is practical to my current and future cases. It has caused me to review the DRE reports with a fresh outlook, which will help me better prepare my cases as a whole. 

- Shelby Thomas 


- Shelby Ott,

Oregon Criminal Defense Attorney 

Webinar Attendee

"Every lawyer who wants to go to trial on any form of DUII should take this course. DUII cases are not for 'winging it.' This CLE teaches intelligent preparation methods and tools." 


- Rich Oberdorfer,

Oregon Criminal Defense Attorney 

"I highly recommend this course. This course is taught with the idea that you leave with an organized electronic folder for preparing for trial. It teaches you how to undermine the DRE in front of the jury. This is very much a practical skills CLE and valuable use of time to attend."


- Matt Jarvis,

Oregon Criminal Defense Attorney 

Mr. Vidrio and Mr. Halttunen have clearly done of lot of work here. They have walked the walk in terms of their experience as cops, DRE's, and lawyers, and thus bring informed, credible critique to the DRE protocol. The resources provided are essential for defending DRE DUII's, and represent tremendous preparation/work to compile. 


- Michael Lowry,

Oregon Criminal Defense Attorney 

Webinar Attendee

"If you defend DUII cases, take this course. No one should walk into a controlled substance DUII without a detailed understanding of the DRE program, the DRE matrix, and the various weaknesses in this program. The CLE will truly prepare you to dismantle the DRE and gives you the material you need to take what you have learned and apply it to practice. The materials are incredible and have detailed citations to the DRE and FST manuals, which is key for impeachment on cross. These guys know what they are doing and give you the tools to fight these cases." 


- Michelle Bartov,

Oregon Criminal Defense Attorney 

This course is very informative. The presenters are professional, experienced and knowledgeable. I learned more about DUII from this CLE then any other CLE I have been to. I would highly recommend this CLE to any attorney in the criminal defense practice. I feel more confident headed into a DUII trial now. The tips on how to cross the DRE and other law enforcement officers is priceless.


- Jordan Farnsworth,

Oregon Criminal Defense Attorney 

Webinar Attendee